Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Close Your Eyes and Jump

Best advice I ever got. Sometimes analysis just gets you in trouble. Like standing on a cliff over a river and trying to figure out all the details that may result in an injury or a death. The fun of the jump is there and sometimes you have to put all analysis aside and just jump.
This has been one minute in focus and has nothing to do with anything other than I was thinking about it and thought I would share.

Row 500 meters w/u
Row 1800 meters finished in 7:14.7  and kept the pace below last weeks 1600
avg pace 2:00.7/ avg SR 25
The pace was faster but the stroke rate remained the same so I was producing more power per stroke.
Pull ups 3/3/3/1
Back ext. 5 x 10
The above done as a circuit with 1:30 RI
On the last pull up I held in an L for 10 seconds at the top and then lowered slowly.

I go now but I will be back.

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