Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Leisure Movement

I decided the other day that we have built a society that values mindless productivity over mindfull leisure. I would like that to change, and with the aid of a friend, I have started the Leisure Movement. The primary tenets are that you have an understanding of and an appreciation for the act of leisure. Just doing something, especially if it is work, it pointless and overrated. One can be more productive and less angst prone when one is looking out the window on a nice day rather than toiling away at some ridiculous form of work. So get out there, spread the word and stop work before it stops you.
I have been spending the last few weeks working on Pavel's Simple and Sinister program and I am liking it. Check it out if you have some time.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Funny How Blogs Die

I feel like someone sneaking back into the house after having attended my own funeral. There has been a lot of activity lately and that has parked adding to internet chatter way in the back of the lot. I will now walk out of the shadows take the long trek across the vast, empty space and dust off this blog and see if it will still start.
First: New things in the L.A. area, Tav Byerhoff, formerly of Bodytribe Fitness in Sacramento gives classes on Wednesday morning at 7 AM at the foot of Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica. If you are familiar with Chip Conrad's work you might want to check this out. Tav's group is called Ritual Fitness.
Second: Ken Froese offers groundflow classes in Culver City on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (e-mail him for times and location) This looks interesting and fun although I have not, yet, been to one of the classes. I will probably go next week after my stupid back gets better.
I promised a few tidbits on content versus quality so here they are:
I believe that being able to satisfy the interwebz insatiable appetite for more, more, more has diluted the quality of the information to such an extent that it is almost laughable. I have friends who want to start blogs on various subjects and are not looking for writers but  for content producers. The depths to which this has sunk is indicated by the proliferation of content mills that pay writers ridiculously low rates to just produce internet friendly content (one or two paragraphs) to fill their gaping maws. This has produced an environment in which writers are having an increasingly hard time making a living. Most of the writers I know, who are making a living, started out and got established when print was still the dominant medium. Chew on that for awhile and buy a book, a real book and keep it by your bedside. You can read them without turning anything on. You can also throw them across the room, mark up the pages with highlighters and scratch notes in the margins. The funniest thing I saw recently was a book on how to survive grid crash that was only available as an e-book.
I attended a Strong First Kettle Bell course last weekend and it was great. I hope to write a review of this for publication soon and I will keep you posted.
See you soon. If I can get this thing to turn over. I might have to push start it.