Friday, September 11, 2015

After an extended absence...

It appears that I have a much easier time bingeing  on Netflix series' than writing on the blog. I shall try to put that to rest.
During the time I was gone many things have happened. I have been spending Sunday mornings working with the amazing Dr. Mark Cheng at kettlebells Los Angeles. It has been an unequaled educational experience. He emphasizes slow controlled movement and mastery something that almost everyone else in my neck of the woods ignores in favor of balls out speed.
Slow and controlled translates into fast and controlled but not the other way around. So I have slowed everything down to practice control and it has reaped huge benefits in my overall movement skills.
I have also begun the process of infiltrating a crossfit gym in the hopes of being able to effect changes from the inside out. This, to date, has only been marginally successful. I do have my own class period, 7 to 8 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
My own workouts currently consist of a combination of Doc Cheng's warm up with some original strength, Dan John patterning moves and Jon Engum Flexible Steel stuff. This is followed by Deadlifts on Monday, Presses on Wednesday and various carries on Friday and after that I will do Kettle bell swings, 10 - 20 on the minute for 10 minutes and then Turkish Get ups for 5 minutes.
...and then Pirate/Ninja skill practice (the subject of a different post)
The world of things to check out has expanded and I recommend that everyone take a look at The Natural Method recently translated from the French by Phillipe Til. Well worth the price of admission.
We'll talk soon.(I promise)