Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Days Down

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it has been 3 days since my last post and these are the workouts.
Stairs - 5 minutes at level 6
Row Workout 3 x 3 minutes and track drag factor at different damper settings.
1 - damper at 4 - drag 71-71
2 - damper at 7 - drag 84
3 - damper at 10 - drag 89-90
pull ups -6/5/5/4/3
Sit ups - 10/10/10/10/10
Wall Squats - 5/5/5/5/5
above three done as supersets with 2 minutes rest between
Back Ext. 3 x 8
Leg Press 3 x 10 with sled = 90
Stairs 6 minutes at level 6
Deadlift - 5 @ 125/5 @ 155/5 @ 190/5 @ 205/5 @ 235/5+ @ 265 (got 8)
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 60/5 @ 70/5 @ 75/5 @ 90/5+ @ 100 (got 6)
Pull ups -7/6/5/4/4
V-ups - 10/10/10/10/10
Wall Squats - 5/5/5/5/5
Good Mornings - 3 x 5 @ 70lbs
Dips - 3 x 3
Bloody hellacious day. 2 nights of bad sleep. The whole thing went south.
Row 500 meters
Row Workout (supposed to be 1:00 on/2:00 off times 10
I made 5
1:39.6 337 meters/1:40 300 meters/1:40.3 299 meters/1:40 300 meters/1:41.3 296 meters
Weighted Dips - 3 x 3 with 32.5lbs
Pull ups - 5/5
side bends - 10/10
Wall Squats - 5/5
Total P day
Tomorrow is a day off and hopefully I will sleep better for the next two days.
Wouldn't that be lovely.
On a lighter note I got a 1 day a week internship in the Strength and Conditioning Dept. of a local college so that will be kinda cool.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What Ho.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with today I just couldn't think of a title for this post.
Row 500 meters
DROM + did some of Eric Cressey's mobility work for squats
Pull ups - 6/5/5/4/3
sit ups - 10/10/10/10/10
wall squats - 5/5/5/5/5
Squats - 5 @ 60/5 @ 75/5 @ 90
Bench - 5 @ 70/5 @ 85/5 @ 100
Weighted Step Ups - 3 x 6 with 90lbs on 20" box

And that is it for today. I can't think of anything clever or funny to say so I'll just leave this post alone...not clever...not funny.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I started a rowing program today that is being posted by Jon Kissick on the
Front Range Crossfit site. Jon is a two time collegiate national champion in Rowing and a five-year member of the US National Rowing Team. He has two Pan Am Games gold medals, a bronze and a 5th place finish at the World Rowing Championships, and a Gold Medal from the Goodwill Games. The program is designed to get athletes ready for the Crash B's and since my brain is tired and I was just feeling my way through the rowing I thought I would let Mr. Kissick do my thinking for me.
500 meter row
Row Workout 5 x (3 + 30) with the damper at 4
You take 3 strokes to get up to speed and then 30 strokes at full pressure.
The total time for the workout was 12 minutes with 1:30 rest between efforts. the total meters covered was 2085.
V-ups and Back Extensions - 3 x 8
Weighted chins - 3 x 3 with 10lbs.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Missed a Post?

That's rhetorical. Going through some crossfit blogs the other day and came across my favorite CF non argument. The community is fond of saying, when presented with the injury stats for their "sport", all sports have injuries. to which I answer yes they do but in a real sport they know how to prepare for those injuries. They know how to strengthen injury prone areas, there is a protocol for avoiding injuries and since they actually listen to people who know about these things they are able to prepare. A CF coach once got all over me when I told him I was doing a series of shoulder exercises designed to strengthen the musculature to help prevent an injury. He didn't quite get it. Anyway...enough of this on to,

This is a back off week.
Stairs 5 minutes at level 6
6,5,5,4,3 pull ups with 10 sit ups and 5 wall squats between sets
Deadlift - 5 @ 120/5 @ 150/5 @ 185
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 55/5 @ 65
Good Mornings with 65lbs./Dips - 3 x 5

500 meter row
pull ups/sit ups/squats - same as yesterday
Weighted Dips - 3 x 3 with 15 pounds
Reverse Hyper - 3 x 8
Row Sprints 10 x :45 sec. with 1:30 rest
The numbers in order are avg. pace, avg. stroke rate, meters
1:42.2 32 220/1:46.7 29 211/1:43.2 31 218/1:44.6 31 215/1:42.7 28 219
1:42.7 29 219/1:41.8 29 221/1:42.7 27 219/1:47.6 36 209/1:43.6 31 217
The fundamental problem with my goal, as regards this rowing, is that I am not an olympian, I am not a nationally ranked rower and I am not in that great of shape. I am a 56 year old guy who, for some reason, thinks he can take over a minute off of a 2K row in a little over 4 months. The same guy used to think he could start training for a 5K run using a protocol for an eighteen minute race. This particular guy suffers from delusions of grandeur and an overblown sense of what it is possible to accomplish. I am going to have to have a talk with the boy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just when I thought I was safe.

Just when I thought I was over the CF stuff some friends invited me to their gym to do Fight Gone Bad. I went just to see what would happen. Nothing happened. I walked through the workout with just enough intensity to get my heart rate up. I modified the Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls by gripping wider and only pulling to mid chest. The score was low, 179 and the order of exercises was off because they didn't have enough stations set up. I do best on this workout when the row is last. I may game it this year and do it again next year or not. We'll see. Crossfit is just for laughs now and again but I can't take it seriously anymore. I told one of the trainers there that I was doing just dead hang pull ups now and he launched into the, production of power speech. I could only smile and nod. Any way that's it for now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Well here we are. Another Friday in paradise.
Took today off the Recon Ron program to do weighted pull ups.
Row 500 meters easy
Row 2000 meters - 7:53.8, average per 500 - 1:58.4, average stroke rate - 25
Burgener W/U - clean
Clean and Jerk - 8 x 1, 45/45/50/50/60/60/65/65
Weighted Chins - 3-3-3-1-1-1 Sets of 3 were body weight singles were 27.5/32.5/37.5
V-ups/Back Extensions - 3 x 7 ea.
Short and sweet today. Felt good after the workout.
Biked to and from the gym.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recon Ron Coming at Ya.

As I said in yesterdays post I am starting the Recon Ron pull up program. It is going to replace the body weight warm up I have been doing.
Here is today's work out:
Stairs 5 minutes at level 6
6 pull ups, 5 sit ups, 5 wall squats
5 pull ups, 5 sit ups, 5 wall squats
5 pull ups, 5 sit ups, 5 wall squats
4 pull ups, 5 sit ups, 5 wall squats
3 pull ups, 5 sit ups, 5 wall squats
Back Squat - 5 @ 60/5 @ 75/5 @ 90/5 @115/3 @ 130/1+ @ 145 (got 3)
Bench Press - 5 @ 70/5 @ 85/5 @ 100/5 @ 130/3 @ 145/1+ @ 160 (got 5)
Weighted Step ups - 3 x 6 with 85lbs. to 20" box.
Late in the day so signing off with no words of wisdom for ya.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday is the new Thursday.

Posting on my off day. I am going on Monday and Tuesday taking Wednesday off then going Thursday, Friday and Saturday. most everything else stays the same. I am posting today because I will be starting the Recon Ron Pull Up program tomorrow. The link gives you all the sets and reps but no other instructions so here they are:
You need to have 6 dean hang pull ups to start so if you are not there yet, get to work.
Just follow the program taking about 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets.
If you stall on a week then repeat that week over.
If you stall for two weeks running on the same week then take 5 days off and start again.
Do the program for 6 days straight and take the seventh day off.
I will keep you posted on my results and hopefully I will get to 20 pull ups by the end of the program. If all goes well then in 5 months I'll be there.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Old Guy Crap

Got up 3 or 4 times to pee last night that equals bad sleep and bad sleep equals bad workout. I decided to do my row sprints right up front today as that is the focus of today's workout. Worked out okay for the rows but everything else was compromised and I was tired.
Today's work Out:
Row 500 easy
Row 10 x :30 with 1:00 rest
Have to keep it at 155 meters in order to be faster than goal pace.
Goal pace is 1:37
pull ups 5 + 4/wall squats 10/sit ups 10/ dips 9/ push ups 10
Reverse hyper 3 x 8
butterfly sit ups 3 x 8
nixed the weighted sit ups today because of a shoulder twinge
Burgener W/U (snatch)
Snatch 8 x 2 with 70lbs
weighted dips - 1 @ 30/1 @ 35/1 @ 40
Bike to and from the gym
Over all not a great day. The snatch seems to be coming together. I'm getting a better feel for it.
And now...off to work.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bad Dobby!

I did not post on Saturday. I am bad. I shall chastise myself later. In private. On Saturday I did the following:
500 meter row
Row 3K - 14:01.5
and a series of exercises for my shoulders and that was it.

Today's Work Out:
Stairs 5 minutes @ level 6
5 manmakers with 25 lb. DB
9 (6+3) pull ups, 10 sit ups, 9 dips, 10 wall squats, 10 pushups
The above warmup is going to be the same each day so I will probably not re type it. I will just say something like; Standard W/U.

Deadlift - 5 @ 120/5 @ 150/5 @ 185/5 @ 230/3 @ 260/1+ @ 290 (got 5)
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 55/5 @ 65/5 @ 85/3 @ 95/1+ @ 105 (got 3)
Pull up speed day 10 x 3 on :45 sec. with 110 lbs of assist.
Good Mornings 3 x 5 with 70 lbs

Did I mention how hard manmakers are? Maybe they will make me a man.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Inner Puss.

I am somewhat obsessive about racking weights and straightening things up. This morning I had just left the squat rack and this big guy that seemed okay asked if I was done. I said I was. He then set about his shrugs, finished his sets and started to walk away. He was about my height (6'5"), shaved head, tats all up and down and outweighed me by about 20 lbs. I was feeling a tad irritable so I choked back the inner puss that was telling me to just leave it and tapped him on the shoulder and asked, as politely as I could manage, if he could rack his weights. The punk whined like a baby and said. "Everybody else just leaves them." I told him that if everyone else just put them away it would be a lot cleaner. He pulled the plates off and threw them on the floor and said. "Is that better." I was done with him so I didn't say anything and he stormed off. The more I do that stuff the easier it gets.
Today's Work Out
Stairs - 4 minutes @ Level 6
Body weight warm up
Squat - 5 @ 60/5 @ 75/5 @ 90/3 @ 105/3 @ 120/3+ @ 135 (got 5)
3 rounds of: 7 overhead lunges with 35lbs/7 weighted sit ups with 35 lbs and 7 weighted back extensions with 25lbs.
5 manmakers with 25lbs dumb bells.

Manmakers are hard and so I should do more of them. Seems like they would make burpees easier. I'll let you know about that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you Ready?

Guy Fawkes wants to know if you are ready. There are those among you who will know what this refers to and those who won't. To the ones who don't just keep your eyes open and WTF does this have to do with working out (almost said the F word) then I would have had to put one of those little notices up that says BEWARE! NAUGHTY LANGUAGE AHEAD. Enough questions.
Today"s Work Out
Stairs 4 minutes at level 6
Body weight. Everything was alright but I had to break the pull ups up (can I say that up up?)
Bench - 5 @ 70/5 @ 85/5 @ 100/3 @ 120/3 @ 135/3+ @ 155 (got 5)
Leg Press 3 x 8 with sled + 90
Weighted dips - 3 +30/2 +35/1 +40
V-up - 3 x 7
Back Extension - 3 x 7
Decided to move the squat to Friday as yesterday's row left me really depleted.
Today's Folk Wisdom
Go out and apologize to someone that you have wronged or mistreated and try not to feel all warm and fuzzy and self-righteous about it, that's the hard part.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Went to a time interval protocol today on the rower. ;45 seconds on 1 minute 30 seconds off. I believe that is a 1:2. They are a lot harder. A specific distance seems more controllable where an; on for :45 get as far as you can idea is a little intimidating. I have been thinking about a link I want to put in here but every time I sit down to post I forget what it is. I almost wrote poast instead of post. I kind of like poast better. It sounds like an animal of some sort. A fat one.
Stair Thing 4 minutes at Level 6 (I guess its called the StairMaster, but I am not going to call it that because that is a stupid name)
Body weight w/u pull ups etc.
Burgener W/U
Snatch practice 8 x 2 with 65
Weighted step ups - 3 x 6 with 75 pounds to a 20" box
Row :45 on/1:30 off X 10
The total meters for each round was: 228/214/221/222/221/222/223/222/221/214
Fairly consistent except for #2 and #10, pace averaged 1:41.9 That needs to come down.
Reverse Hyper - 3 x 7
I skipped the weighted dips today because the rows wiped me out. I will put them back in tomorrow.
If I think of that link I might just randomly put it up.
See you next Poast.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Anohter Monday in Paradise

Overcast and raining this AM. Like the mid west in monsoon season. I love it. Drove in today. the workout was:
Stair thing 4 minutes at level 6
8 pull ups, 10 sit ups, 8 dips, 10 wall squats (toes, knees and nose on the wall) 10 push ups
Deadlift - 5 @ 120/5 @ 150/5 @ 185/3 @ 215/3 @ 245/5 @ 275
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 55/5 @65/3 @ 80/3 @ 90/5 @ 100
weighted chins - 3 with 25lbs/2 with 30lbs/1 with 35lbs
Good Mornings - 3 x 5 @45
Hanging Straight Leg Raise - 3 x 7
Upped the pull ups and dips this week. That's working out well.
Row workout tomorrow and I am thinking about going to timed intervals and upping the time each week instead of upping the distance each week. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I missed Friday. Like you didn't know that. I was talking to a friend at the gym this morning. He is somewhere around 65 years old. There were some young upstarts dead lifting 405 the other day and he knew them so he watched and right toward the end he went in for a set. Got the weight up 5 times. "Had to show those boys that the old guy still has juice." He said. I was impressed.
Friday's Work Out:
Rode my bike to the gym.
Stair thing 3 minutes at level 6
Wide stance box squats to a 20" box. 3 x 5 with 45, 55, 65
Bottom to bottom squats 3 x 5 with 45, 50, 55
Bent row 3x5 with 45, 55, 65
Reverse Hyper 3 x 7
Dip speed day 10 x 3 on 1 minute with 110 lbs. of assistance
Row 4 x 500 with 2 minutes rest 100 easy, 100 hard
1:55.1, 1:55.9, 2:00.5, 2:17.5
Kept all the hard sprints at below 1:30 but fell apart on the slow part toward the end.

Saturday's Work Out
rode bike to gym
Stair thing 3 minutes at level 6 (this machine must have a name, maybe Lou)
Burgener Warm Up Clean version I am still looking for a video of the clean version
Clean and Jerk 8 x 1 with the bar.
Row 2500 meters 10:42.9 average stroke rate 25, average pace 2:08.6

The squats on Friday are just practice I need work coming out of the bottom and as soon as I get some bands I am going to start with speed work. Next week I will post a video link about that.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What ho it's Thursday

Here it is. I said I would see you on Friday and it's Thursday. What's up with that. Perhaps I lied or maybe I didn't think I would post on Thursday and changed my mind. In any event I am going to try to post a link to the Burgener Warm Up that I mentioned in an earlier post. And now I will publish this post and see if it worked.
I'll see you on Friday and I mean it this time. Unless this doesn't work.