Thursday, September 22, 2011

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I started a rowing program today that is being posted by Jon Kissick on the
Front Range Crossfit site. Jon is a two time collegiate national champion in Rowing and a five-year member of the US National Rowing Team. He has two Pan Am Games gold medals, a bronze and a 5th place finish at the World Rowing Championships, and a Gold Medal from the Goodwill Games. The program is designed to get athletes ready for the Crash B's and since my brain is tired and I was just feeling my way through the rowing I thought I would let Mr. Kissick do my thinking for me.
500 meter row
Row Workout 5 x (3 + 30) with the damper at 4
You take 3 strokes to get up to speed and then 30 strokes at full pressure.
The total time for the workout was 12 minutes with 1:30 rest between efforts. the total meters covered was 2085.
V-ups and Back Extensions - 3 x 8
Weighted chins - 3 x 3 with 10lbs.

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