Friday, September 9, 2011

The Inner Puss.

I am somewhat obsessive about racking weights and straightening things up. This morning I had just left the squat rack and this big guy that seemed okay asked if I was done. I said I was. He then set about his shrugs, finished his sets and started to walk away. He was about my height (6'5"), shaved head, tats all up and down and outweighed me by about 20 lbs. I was feeling a tad irritable so I choked back the inner puss that was telling me to just leave it and tapped him on the shoulder and asked, as politely as I could manage, if he could rack his weights. The punk whined like a baby and said. "Everybody else just leaves them." I told him that if everyone else just put them away it would be a lot cleaner. He pulled the plates off and threw them on the floor and said. "Is that better." I was done with him so I didn't say anything and he stormed off. The more I do that stuff the easier it gets.
Today's Work Out
Stairs - 4 minutes @ Level 6
Body weight warm up
Squat - 5 @ 60/5 @ 75/5 @ 90/3 @ 105/3 @ 120/3+ @ 135 (got 5)
3 rounds of: 7 overhead lunges with 35lbs/7 weighted sit ups with 35 lbs and 7 weighted back extensions with 25lbs.
5 manmakers with 25lbs dumb bells.

Manmakers are hard and so I should do more of them. Seems like they would make burpees easier. I'll let you know about that.

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