Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Went to a time interval protocol today on the rower. ;45 seconds on 1 minute 30 seconds off. I believe that is a 1:2. They are a lot harder. A specific distance seems more controllable where an; on for :45 get as far as you can idea is a little intimidating. I have been thinking about a link I want to put in here but every time I sit down to post I forget what it is. I almost wrote poast instead of post. I kind of like poast better. It sounds like an animal of some sort. A fat one.
Stair Thing 4 minutes at Level 6 (I guess its called the StairMaster, but I am not going to call it that because that is a stupid name)
Body weight w/u pull ups etc.
Burgener W/U
Snatch practice 8 x 2 with 65
Weighted step ups - 3 x 6 with 75 pounds to a 20" box
Row :45 on/1:30 off X 10
The total meters for each round was: 228/214/221/222/221/222/223/222/221/214
Fairly consistent except for #2 and #10, pace averaged 1:41.9 That needs to come down.
Reverse Hyper - 3 x 7
I skipped the weighted dips today because the rows wiped me out. I will put them back in tomorrow.
If I think of that link I might just randomly put it up.
See you next Poast.

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