Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking A Few Weeks Off

I am going to be taking a few weeks off from lifting and just do Kettle bell stuff.

Elliptical 5 minutes
Inclued 10 Halos R/10 Wall touch/10 Halos L/10 Wall touch and 5 Bootstrapper squats
3 rounds of:
1 Turkish get up L/1 Turkish get up R
5 goblet squats @ 25
10 touch the with with 25
10 ab wheel roll outs
Farmers walk @ 70 out L/back R

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off, Off Broadway

Bad day today. everything felt hard. The bench was pathetic, the pull ups were pathetic etc. etc.
I am toying with the idea of longer more in-depth posts that would examine various aspects of training in more detail. What do you think?
I am going to start a new schedule that will work as follows: M on/T off/W on/Th off/F on/Sa off/Su on then M and T off and then start the pattern again on W.

Elliptical 5 minutes
Bench 2 @ 160/3 @ 155/4 @ 150 (missed 5)
DB curls 3 x 10 @ 25
Tricep press down 3 x 10 @ 30
DB Snatch 3 x 5 ea @ 45
Pull ups 3 x 4
Hanging leg raises 3 x 10

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun With TGU

I seem to be getting better at Turkish get ups and I can do the same weight with both hands. Yay for me.

Elliptical 5 minutes
Press 5 @ 80/3 @ 90/2 @100
Single leg Leg press 3 x 10 each with just the sled
3 rounds
TGU 2L/2R @ 20
Back ext 12
Push ups 16

Finished up with farmer walks
Down with L @ 60
Back with R @ 60
Not sure how far maybe about 40 yards

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

I went to a different LA Fitness today and what a mess it was. There were about 4 sets of dumb bells on the rack the rest were scattered around, the weight plates were everywhere and the place was just generally in disarray. I'll not go back anytime soon.

Elliptical 5 minutes
DROM (including goblet squats now in the warm up)
Dead lift  5 @ 275/5 @ 247.5
DB lock out press 3 x 10 each arm @ 20/15/15
Circuit: 3 rounds
KB snatch 10 ea  @ 35                  rest :45
Pull ups 4 with 5 second negative   rest :45
Ab wheel 10                                  rest :60

Then I jumped on the Jacob's Ladder I did 2 minutes and was trashed. Obviously something I want to work on but I just wanted to try it. Since it is hard there is never anyone on it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Isn't That The Funniest Thing

I was at my new  gym, LA Fitness, this morning and I heard someone say, "That sounds heavy." I looked over. There was a guy making the effort face and grunting like a pig doing curls with about a 40 lb. bar. You could hear him all over the gym and it certainly did sound heavy. I laughed so hard I nearly cried or maybe I was just crying because it was so pathetic. I shall now climb down off of my holier than thou horse and get on with things.
Squat day today was play day. I set  the spotter arms low enough that I could set the bar on them and then set up a low bench (reebok steppers) and did the squats from a dead start at the bottom.Fix the bottom fix the squat. It was small F fun.
Elliptical 5 minutes
Squat (bottom to bottom) 3 @ 45/3 @ 50/3 @ 55/3 @ 60/2 @ 65
Circuit: 3 rounds
Turkish get up 1R/1L @ 15   :45 RI
Push ups 14                          :45 RI
Floor wipers 10 @ 135         :60 RI

Did 5 each one arm presses @ 20 (I did not grunt or make faces although I should have)
5 batwings @ 10 Holding at the top for 10 seconds.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paring Down

I decided to cut out the row for awhile to see if it will make my elbows feels better. Today's workout is the new program for a while.
Book recommendation: Check out The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher. A great read.

Elliptical 5 minutes
DROM + some squat practice
Bench press 5 @ 160/5 @ 145
3 rounds
KB swings 15 @ 45         rest :45
Pull ups 4                          rest :45
Back ext. 10                     rest :60

...and out.
Well under an hour.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

I live in Southern California and it is going to be in the 70s today. My garden loves it and I am rather fond of it too. I almost feel bad for living here when others are enduring the harsh winters. Come on out and visit.

Row 5 minutes
Row 1K  time 4:04.8/Avg. pace 2:02.4/avg SR 21
3 rounds :45 RI between exercises/:60 seconds between rounds
Turkish get up 1L/1R @ 15 (working on form and balance left to  right)
Push ups 14
Ab wheel 10
Row 1 K time 3:57.2/avg pace 1:58.6/avg SR 21

Felt good.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fundamental Philosophical Difference

I have been working at a CrossFit gym the last few weeks to see if I could get past my differences with the model. It appears as though I can not. The way it is implemented is wrong and what they are teaching is wrong. I like these people but I just can't stomach the CF stuff.
Spent an hour with Mike Visscher RKC last week and worked on cleaning up my form on the Turkish get up and the KB snatch, a great session. If I can afford it I am going to try to get down there twice a month to keep things on track and come up with a training plan to get me through StrongFirst level 1 cert in about a year.

Row 5 minutes
Dead lift 5 @ 265/5 @ 240
Press 4 @ 100/10 @ 65
I think I started the press at way too much weight and I am now falling behind at the beginning of cycle 5.

4 rounds
Row 200 meters :45 seconds rest
KB snatch 15 @ 35 :45 seconds rest
Pull ups 4/4/3/3 :45 seconds rest
Hanging leg raise 12 :60 seconds rest

The pull ups were 2 rounds of 4 and 2 rounds of 3
Row splits were :46.6/:45.7/:44.5/:41.9

Felt good overall but the press sure is weak sauce.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Physically Ill

I was made nauseous by the very thought of going in to 24 hour fitness today but I went anyway. It lived up to my worst nightmares.

Row 5 minutes
3 rounds with :45 rest between exercises and :60 rest between rounds
Turkish get ups 1L/1/R
Push ups 12
Ab wheel 10

My left side is considerably weaker than my right and my wrist is giving me problems.
Finished up with some structure stuff external and internal shoulder work on the cable gizmo, calf raises and one arm barbell curls.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Days Slip By.

...and before I know it you have been 2 or 3 days without my wit and wisdom. Poor you.

Row 5 minutes
Squat 5 @ 125/5 @ 112.5
100 KB snatches for time @ 26.4
keeping it under 5 was the goal.

Row 5 minutes
Dead lift 5 @ 255/5 @ 230
Press 5 @ 97.5/5 @ 87.5
Set the rower at 200 on with 5 minute RI.
3 rounds
row 200/:45 rest
KB swings 10 @ 55/:45 rest
Pull ups 4/:45 rest
Hanging leg raises 10
rest 60 seconds and start next round
I did 3 pull ups on the 2nd and 3rd rounds