Monday, February 11, 2013

Fundamental Philosophical Difference

I have been working at a CrossFit gym the last few weeks to see if I could get past my differences with the model. It appears as though I can not. The way it is implemented is wrong and what they are teaching is wrong. I like these people but I just can't stomach the CF stuff.
Spent an hour with Mike Visscher RKC last week and worked on cleaning up my form on the Turkish get up and the KB snatch, a great session. If I can afford it I am going to try to get down there twice a month to keep things on track and come up with a training plan to get me through StrongFirst level 1 cert in about a year.

Row 5 minutes
Dead lift 5 @ 265/5 @ 240
Press 4 @ 100/10 @ 65
I think I started the press at way too much weight and I am now falling behind at the beginning of cycle 5.

4 rounds
Row 200 meters :45 seconds rest
KB snatch 15 @ 35 :45 seconds rest
Pull ups 4/4/3/3 :45 seconds rest
Hanging leg raise 12 :60 seconds rest

The pull ups were 2 rounds of 4 and 2 rounds of 3
Row splits were :46.6/:45.7/:44.5/:41.9

Felt good overall but the press sure is weak sauce.

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