Friday, February 15, 2013

Isn't That The Funniest Thing

I was at my new  gym, LA Fitness, this morning and I heard someone say, "That sounds heavy." I looked over. There was a guy making the effort face and grunting like a pig doing curls with about a 40 lb. bar. You could hear him all over the gym and it certainly did sound heavy. I laughed so hard I nearly cried or maybe I was just crying because it was so pathetic. I shall now climb down off of my holier than thou horse and get on with things.
Squat day today was play day. I set  the spotter arms low enough that I could set the bar on them and then set up a low bench (reebok steppers) and did the squats from a dead start at the bottom.Fix the bottom fix the squat. It was small F fun.
Elliptical 5 minutes
Squat (bottom to bottom) 3 @ 45/3 @ 50/3 @ 55/3 @ 60/2 @ 65
Circuit: 3 rounds
Turkish get up 1R/1L @ 15   :45 RI
Push ups 14                          :45 RI
Floor wipers 10 @ 135         :60 RI

Did 5 each one arm presses @ 20 (I did not grunt or make faces although I should have)
5 batwings @ 10 Holding at the top for 10 seconds.

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