Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you Ready?

Guy Fawkes wants to know if you are ready. There are those among you who will know what this refers to and those who won't. To the ones who don't just keep your eyes open and WTF does this have to do with working out (almost said the F word) then I would have had to put one of those little notices up that says BEWARE! NAUGHTY LANGUAGE AHEAD. Enough questions.
Today"s Work Out
Stairs 4 minutes at level 6
Body weight. Everything was alright but I had to break the pull ups up (can I say that up up?)
Bench - 5 @ 70/5 @ 85/5 @ 100/3 @ 120/3 @ 135/3+ @ 155 (got 5)
Leg Press 3 x 8 with sled + 90
Weighted dips - 3 +30/2 +35/1 +40
V-up - 3 x 7
Back Extension - 3 x 7
Decided to move the squat to Friday as yesterday's row left me really depleted.
Today's Folk Wisdom
Go out and apologize to someone that you have wronged or mistreated and try not to feel all warm and fuzzy and self-righteous about it, that's the hard part.

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