Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Missed a Post?

That's rhetorical. Going through some crossfit blogs the other day and came across my favorite CF non argument. The community is fond of saying, when presented with the injury stats for their "sport", all sports have injuries. to which I answer yes they do but in a real sport they know how to prepare for those injuries. They know how to strengthen injury prone areas, there is a protocol for avoiding injuries and since they actually listen to people who know about these things they are able to prepare. A CF coach once got all over me when I told him I was doing a series of shoulder exercises designed to strengthen the musculature to help prevent an injury. He didn't quite get it. Anyway...enough of this on to,

This is a back off week.
Stairs 5 minutes at level 6
6,5,5,4,3 pull ups with 10 sit ups and 5 wall squats between sets
Deadlift - 5 @ 120/5 @ 150/5 @ 185
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 55/5 @ 65
Good Mornings with 65lbs./Dips - 3 x 5

500 meter row
pull ups/sit ups/squats - same as yesterday
Weighted Dips - 3 x 3 with 15 pounds
Reverse Hyper - 3 x 8
Row Sprints 10 x :45 sec. with 1:30 rest
The numbers in order are avg. pace, avg. stroke rate, meters
1:42.2 32 220/1:46.7 29 211/1:43.2 31 218/1:44.6 31 215/1:42.7 28 219
1:42.7 29 219/1:41.8 29 221/1:42.7 27 219/1:47.6 36 209/1:43.6 31 217
The fundamental problem with my goal, as regards this rowing, is that I am not an olympian, I am not a nationally ranked rower and I am not in that great of shape. I am a 56 year old guy who, for some reason, thinks he can take over a minute off of a 2K row in a little over 4 months. The same guy used to think he could start training for a 5K run using a protocol for an eighteen minute race. This particular guy suffers from delusions of grandeur and an overblown sense of what it is possible to accomplish. I am going to have to have a talk with the boy.

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