Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot Like Hell

So Cal and the heat has moved in. Mild compared to some places but still way too hot for me. I would prefer a new ice age to global warming.

Row 500 meters w/u
Row sprints 1 x 140 meters/ 1:30 RI
avg. pace 1:39.3 avg. SR 33
I tried to work a little on pacing going faster on #1-5 and then working back to slower on #6-10
I did it but sprints are supposed to be sprints so I won't do that again. I will work on pacing on the long rows.
Pull ups 2 x 2 then 1 @ 25/1 @ 27.5/1 @ 30
Ab wheel 5 x 7

Mahala and peace out.

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