Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shy and Blind Seeks Same

I have been accused of being aloof and arrogant (the arrogant part might be true) but the reality is that I suffer from the heartbreak of macular degeneration and shyness so the problem is I don't recognize you from across the room and I am too shy to say hi to someone I don't recognize. The result is a reputation for aloofness and arrogance. Enough of that.
Here is a link to the first of a four part series on the back squat/ front squat debate. A good read and lots of info.
Row 500 meters w/u
Row Sprints 10 x 160 with 1:30 RI. Avg pace 1:37.5 Avg SR 34
Keeping all these right in the same range.
Pull ups 3/3/2/2
Floor wipers 5 x 10
The above done as a circuit with a 2:00 RI

And away...we...go.

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