Monday, July 16, 2012


Two nights of good sleep. Aided by Advil PM and I feel like a new man, or if not new slightly less used. I have found nothing new on the fitness front but will keep looking although I know there is nothing new just rehashed old stuff with new names. Kind of like breakfast cereal, there are only two or three with slight variations and a new name and you have the illusion of variety.

Row 500 meters
Don't know if I mentioned it but I always do the WU row strapless for form and to put the power in the first part of the pull.
Squat 5 @ 85/5 @ 105/5 @ 125
Dead lift 5 @ 125/5 @ 155/5 @ 185/3 @ 215/3 @ 250/3+ @ 280 (got 6)
DB bench 3 x 15 @ 40
Pull ups 3/2/2/2/1
Ab wheel 5 x 6

Another thing I may not have mentioned, but I may have and I just don't remember is that I am now including in the warm up the following:
10 R arm snatches @ 35
10 swings @ 35
10 L arm snatches @ 35
10 goblet squats @ 35
10 ea arm windmills @ 5 Flexibility is an issue here and I will stay light on these until I feel the form is correct. 

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