Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Row Therefore I Am

I have decided to identify myself as a rower. This takes a load off as I can now answer the question; What are you training for? by saying I am training for indoor rowing races. Isn't that comforting. I see too many people at the gym just training with no goal other than to look pretty and that isn't working out for many of them. If there is anybody in the Inland Empire reading this contact me as I would also like to start training to climb Mt. Whitney.

Row 500 meters
Squat 5 @ 85/5 @ 105/5 @ 125
DB Row  3 x 15 @ 52.5
The squats and rows were done as a circuit
Bench 5 @ 70/5 @ 105/5 @ 125/3 @ 120/3 @ 135/3+ @ 155 (got 6)
Pull ups 3/2/2/2/1
Slant sit ups 5 x 10
The above 2 were also done as a circuit
Reverse Hyper 3 x 10

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