Monday, March 12, 2012

There He Goes Again.

They are everywhere. Each gym is exactly the same as the one that came before it. They all teach exactly the same thing. They have a mix of good and bad trainers. One would think that I am talking about corporate big box gyms but I am not. I am talking about corporate small box gyms. Otherwise known as crossfit gyms. There are now more CF gyms in my immediate area then all of the 24 hour fitness, LA fitness and Bally's combined.
Just thought I would point that out.
Row 5 minutes
Run 30 minutes increasing elevation fro 2 degrees to 10 degrees and speed from 3mph to 4 mph. More of a walk than a run.
Squat (backoff week) 5 @ 60/5 @ 80/5 @ 95
These felt good.
Push ups 3 x 15
V-ups 3 x 10
Box jumps 3 x 5 to 24" + 1 plate

I turned 57 years old today.
Oh well.

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