Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Long Dark Tunnel.

That's what it looks like from here. No light, cold, uninviting. At the end of this tunnel, not in sight, is me, doing 20 good pull ups. That is going to happen before I die or I will die trying. I added halos, windmills and goblet squats to the warm up today and they seem to help. I am going to try to do movement oriented flexibility work and foam rolling and not do any stretching for a week or so and see what happens. The fun is in using your body as a lab. Trying things just to see. Like jumping off of a cliff into a deep, dark pool of water, there might be something down there or there might not. One way you're impaled the other way you have a hell of a lot of fun.

Row 5 minutes
Press 2 x 5 @ 45/5 @ 55/3 @ 65/3 @ 75/3+ @ 85 (got 8)

Pull ups 3 x 6
Back ext 3 x 10 with 10 lbs

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