Friday, October 18, 2013

What Is Fitness?

That seems to be a question that all sorts of people are taking a crack at lately so I thought I would throw mine into the mix.
Fitness is the practical application of properly developed usable strength.
Purty damn clever no?

The inter thing is awash with great stuff today.
Here is a  part 1 of a 2 part piece on KB swings that was published on the Elite FTS site
and here is part 2. The contention seems to be that shear forces are increased the higher you go so the overhead swingers are at a much greater risk.
...and here is a piece by Ben Bruno on t-nation about squats. Appears as though if you don't have to do ass to heels squats you shouldn't. For those anatomically gifted sorts, like myself, with femurs that end around my neck I can now comfortably remove backsquats from the program and replace them with goblet squats or front squats to slightly below parallel. Never did like backsquats.

W/U 3 rounds of:
halos 5 ea way
windmills 5 ea side
pump stretch 5
goblet squats 5
TGU 1 ea side

5 rounds/1:30 RI
10 KB swings
1 pull up
15 KB swings
2 pull ups
25 KB swings
3 pull ups

Indian clubs and reset

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