Sunday, October 6, 2013

Redlining the Wussometer

On any 5 round workout the wussometer starts to redline at round 3. Here is where the character is built. If you stop you are no worse than all the other wusses. If you continue you set yourself apart from the crowd.
I started the 5,000 swing protocol today (originally 10,000 but I am a wuss). I liked it. It was hard and it made me feel good after.
I had planned to use the 24K bell but the place where I buy Kettlebells wasn't open. I went with the 20K.

W/U (Halo, pump stretch, windmills and squats)
5 rounds/1 - 2 minutes rest between rounds (I stuck with 1 minute for the first 3 round and then went to 2 minutes)
KB swings 10 @ 20K
Press 1 @ 85
Kb swings 15 @ 20K
Press 2 @ 85
Kb Swings 25 @ 20K
Press 3 @ 85

Cooled down with indian clubs and a round of original strength reset.

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