Friday, October 25, 2013

What Are My Options?

Observer: Your options? Well, option A is you didn't sleep very well last night.
Me: ...and?
Observer: Option B is you didn't eat very good yesterday.
Me: Option C
Observer: You really don't want to hear option C do you?
Me: Yeah. I think I do.
Observer: You won't like it.
Me: Try me.
Observer: Your a pussy.
I got up and walked out of the room. Shame contorting my features. Tears streaming down my face cutting hot paths like lava on my cheeks.
He was right. I didn't want to hear it but I needed to hear it.

I am officially cancelling Chip's workshop today. I have not gotten anyone to sign up.
A less than stellar workout today.

W/U The usual but went with 12 lbs on the TGU's.

W/O 1 round
10 KB swings
1 pull up
15 KB swings
2 pull ups
25 KB swings
3 pull ups

My heart rate was jacked after this and I was sweating profusely and I stopped.
Indian clubs and reset.
Worked on crawling sideways and backwards today.

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