Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun

I am loving the KB swing workouts. The Swing/Press workout took me 1:21 longer today but I upped the KB weight to 24K.
I changed the rest interval today and just did each round on 5 minutes which rewarded me for more intensity by giving me more rest.
Went up to 8 pounds on the windmill and 10 pounds on the TGU and kept my form intact so I will go up again next week.
Side note: If I don't get 13 people to sign up for Chip's workshop this week (by the 25th) I am going to have to cancel and that would be a terrible shame and a loss to the community.

W/U 3 rounds of:
Haloes x 5 ea @ 25
Windmills x 5 ea @ 8
Pump stretch x 5
Squats x 5
TGU x 1 ea @ 10

W/O 5 rounds on 5 minutes:
KB swings x 10
Press x 1 @ 85
KB swings x 15
Press x 2 @ 85
KB swings x 25
Press x 3 @ 85

Indian clubs and reset

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