Thursday, October 24, 2013

Open Up The Window. Let some Air Into This Room.

I think that's a clever title for this post but I don't have anything to follow it up with other than it was really hot in the gym today.
I decided to get in an extra 250 KB swings today because I didn't have to go to work.
Last night I went and worked out with a guy named Tony Cortina. He runs a place called Cortina Training.
He is a SWAT guy and a fight coach who teaches exactly the type of fighting I have been looking to learn. It is not martial arts as a sport. it is not BJJ it is just down and dirty take the fight to them and end it as quickly as possible. Here is a copy of his article in Black Belt magazine that explains the idea better than I can. Good stuff.

W/U the usual

10 rounds of 25 KB swings on 1:30 @ 24K
It took 14;13
..and it was hard.

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