Monday, October 7, 2013

Victor On The Dark Side

I stopped by a CF gym today to see if they were still selling kettle bells. The reception I received when I walked in was about as cold as any I have encountered. Some one across the room waved and when I got closer I realized it was my old workout partner from 24 hour fitness. When I met him he was heavily into Wendler and had nothing good to say about CF and yet there he was, looking skinnier and weaker than I had ever seen him. They were doing Fran (21/15/9 thrusters and pull ups) and here he is, a man with a 175 lb. military press, a 2x bodyweight squat and capable of at least 10 dead hang pull ups, doing the thrusters with 65 pounds and thick band assisted pull ups.
I was sickened.
I asked the trainer/owner if he had seen the flyer I dropped off about Chip Conrad's upcoming appearance and he said he had but that they had no interest whatever.
CF don't like outsiders.
On a brighter note I picked up a 24K bell yesterday and so was able to do today's workout with it.

5 ea of windmills ea side/haloes/pump stretch and 10 squats
5 rounds/ 1:30 RI
KB swings x 10
Dips x 1
KB swings x 15
Dips x 2
KB swings x 25
Dips x 3

Felt good. I did the dips on parallel bars and had originally thought to use a green band but abandoned that and did bottom to top press outs and lowered with assistance to keep the whole thing within a pain free range of motion. I am going to up the dip numbers next week to 2/3/5 as recommended in the original protocol. 

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