Friday, October 4, 2013

Eyes Wide Closed

As I talk to trainers, lately, Plato's cave keeps coming to mind. They appear to be stuck, unable to move beyond the confines of their knowledge base. Many of them have the "gold standard" certs, things like NASM, ACSM and CSCS but not many of them feel the need to broaden their base. It is disturbing. I am unsettled. I no longer have the capacity, if I ever did, to keep my mouth shut. I want to help and the realization that most don't want or think they need help brings me back to Plato's cave. Drag the bastards kicking and screaming into the light.

W/U (the Indian Clubs came yesterday and I am now officially obsessed)
3 rounds of:
Row 1 minute
KB snatch 5R/5L
Goblet squat x 5
I set the rower on intervals time with 1:00 on/2:00 off
ended up getting about :45 seconds of rest each round
Closed the day with the original strength reset

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