Monday, October 21, 2013

Achesies and Painsies

Everything hurt today. Yesterday I left the gym and felt great all day, today I left the gym hurting. Its that old guy thang.

W/U 3 rounds of:
Haloes x 5 ea @25
Windmills x 5 ea @ 8
Squats x 5
Pump stretch x 5
TGU x 1 ea @ 10

W/O 5 rounds on 5:00 of:
KB swings x 10 @ 24K
Dips x 2 (going through pain free ROM with green band. I was able to get lower today)
KB swings x 15 @ 24K
Dips x 3
KB swings x 25 @ 24K
Dips x 5
Unless otherwise noted all swings are with the 24K from now on

Indian clubs

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