Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hardest of All

Today's workout was the most difficult of the three I have done. This is reflected in the overall time as compared to the others.

W/U 3 rounds of:
5 ea haloes
5 ea windmills
5 pump stretch
5 squats
1ea turkish get up
I added weight to the windmills and TGU today

5 rounds/1:30+ RI
10 swings
1 goblet squat @ 75
15 swings
2 goblet squats @ 75
25 swings
3 goblet squats @ 75
The rest got longer and longer as this went on. At 31:46 this was very nearly a slog. I may have mistaken myself for someone stronger with the 75 lb goblet squat but now that I  finished with it I have to keep it in for appearance sake.

Indian Clubs and a round of reset.

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