Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Does That Hurt?

...and the answer is: who the hell knows. Another twinge today this time in my chest as I did dips. I am getting smarter although it is just a little at a time. I did not push through the set or finish all the sets. I just stopped and probably avoided a more serious setback. So from now on when I say or do something stupid I will refer you back to this post as evidence that I am moving forward.

Row 5 minutes
Row Sprints 10 x 200 with 1 minute RI

Dips 6/5/5
Back Ext 3 x 10
Step Ups 3 x 6 with 50lb DBs

I was happy with the row sprints and unhappy with having to cut the dips short.So the two balanced out and I did not leave happy or unhappy. I did go in later today and the gym was really crowded. I will have to not do that again.

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