Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Getting It.

There was a rebuttal to the article I posted yesterday critiquing crossfit. It was posted on the crossfit message board. It was a typical rant by a person with less than adequate information. The CFers tend to whine and cry whenever anyone points out the obvious failings in their model. They almost universally fall back on slamming other athletes pointing out that they are so much stronger than the specialists. What they always miss is that the other athletes just don't care. A triathlete is trying to be a good triathlete not a mediocre generalist.
...and that is the end of today's rant.

Row 5 minutes
Row 2K 7:33.3 not a horrible time but still 7 seconds off my best. I am comfortable with the idea of PR in the race. Which is a departure from how I felt at the beginning of the program.

The following was done as a superset with a 1:30 RI
Push ups 16/14/10/10/10
Plank hold 5 x :20 seconds
Walking lunge with a 25lb plate overhead 5 x 40ft

Tomorrow I rest and shop for groceries and watch Cowboys and Aliens which just came from netflix.

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