Monday, January 30, 2012

As I Sit.

I have been staring at the screen for nearly five minutes trying to come up with one of my usual clever and pithy titles for this blog post but, alas, nothing has come to mind. The workout would have been considerably shorter if I had not spent so much time chatting.

Row 5 minutes
Squat 5 @45/5 @ 55/5 @ 75/5 @ 90/3 @ 100/3 @ 115/3+ @ 130 (got 6)

V-ups 5 x 10
Box jumps 5 x 5 (24")

Everything felt good today. A little crunchy sound in the neck region as I squatted but it went away when I changed my head position. No pain associated with it. I am going to be laying off push ups, dips and pull ups for the next few weeks to give all the hurt parts time to heal.
And off I go to woik.

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