Friday, January 6, 2012

Am I Boring You?

Readership drops to an all time low. Have I become boring or repetitive? Probably. Stay tuned as there is a info packed post on the way and if you believe that, well I don't know what to say.
At the land of the lost (24 Hr. Fitness) this morning all the new recruits were wandering aimlessly around wondering which machine to try next. No plan, no focus and worst of all no help. I have decided that I will not help unless someone asks because if I approach them the reaction is usually either listening tolerantly or outright hostility and in either event they just go back to doing what they were doing before.
Crossfit hit ESPN hard this last weekend and I saw several CF sort of things going on today. Most appalling were the power cleans or more properly termed reverse curls with a press.
When the student is ready the teacher will be there. I like that saying.

Row 5 minutes
Weighted sit ups 3 x 5 @ 20
Weighted pull ups 3 x 3 @ BW/1 @ 27.5/1 @ 32.5/1 @ 37.5
Row 2K 7:43/1:55 avg pace/28 avg SR
The row was just play today with sprints of 100 and 200 meters thrown in. Playing with the race as I have to decide on some sort of strategy

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