Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Those In The Know.

I realized today, after talking with a crossfitter yesterday, that even if a person has been doing CF for a week they all of a sudden "know" that everything else is substandard. If you attempt to talk to these people they will point out, exercise science, years of experience and massive amounts of research not withstanding, that everything else is wrong. I know this is true because I was one of them. I abandoned everything I knew about periodization because Glassman said it was witchcraft. I abandoned everything I knew about injury prevention and structural stability because the production of power trumped safety in every instance. I believed I was invincible because of CF and that I was better than all the other athletes. I believed, for a short while, that CF was different and that it would indeed produce a superior athlete and superior people. Then I saw a crack in the belief. I began to notice that everyone that I worked out with was chronically injured, sore and generally substandard in their outside pursuits. I asked, "If we are supposed to be the fittest people in the world why do most of us crawl out of bed in the morning like we're 90 years old." No one answered. I continued to question the veracity of the CF model and became more and more a persona non grata. I was shunned. I could not get anyone to talk about this and so I left CF. If you would like to peruse 1,159+ pages of what's wrong with CF go here. Warning this is not a safe place for the faint of heart.
And that ends today's ramble.

Row 5 minutes
Row Sprints 4 x 250 with 2 minute RI
:46 1:32 pace/:48.9 1:37.2 pace/:49.9 1:39.8 pace/:46.7 1:33.4 pace
Deadlift 5 @ 100/5 @ 125/5 @ 150/3 @ 175/3 @ 200/3+ @ 225 (got 7)

SLR 5 x 7
Weight Swings 5 x 15 @ 35lbs

Maybe no one but me and thousands of others care but as crossfit becomes more mainstream and the snake oil salesmen weave their tales more people are going to be injured. It is a responsibility to share this info. I will be posting links to other critiques of CF in the near future.

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