Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another WTF Moment

Perusing the Crossfit Pasadena site the other day I came across this, "no one is in shape to do crossfit unless they do crossfit." Of course the CFers won't extend that courtesy to other sports. For instance if a triathlete says no one is in shape to do triathlons unless they train for triathlons then the CF crowd gets all pissy and calls them specialists. The ironic thing about other sports is that they just don't care enough about CF to want to spend time calling them names. I currently have a love/hate relationship with crossfit in that I have come full circle from where I was a year or two ago. I love to hate CF at least for now. I will come to grips with this whole thing after a while and just stop talking about it.
Today was a swim only day.

25 drill/25 swim x 6
10 x 50 with a 1:30 RI

I am picking a Total Immersion drill and working that for 25 meters and then trying to translate the idea of that drill into a 25 meter swim.

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