Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's He Doing Here?

Just when you thought Thursday's were safe, I show up. Wanted to talk about balance and flexibility. I have probably been over this but audience attrition demands that I cover it again.
Balance, to me, is not standing on one foot on top of one of those blue half round rubber things. Balance is symmetry, it is having everything on one side working as well as everything on the other side. This is true of range of motion, joint mobility and strength.
If you have  extremely tight hamstrings on one side and  not so tight hamstrings on the other side than you maintain that imbalance by stretching both sides the same. This bears remembering each time you get to stretchin' 'n' mobilizin'.
Here is a link to a really great e-book on Self Myofascial Release. It would be merely great but it is also free so that bumps it up to the really great category.
Here is a piece on balance by Gray Cook.
So keep balance in mind when programming your workouts and selecting your exercises and stretching and mobilizing.

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