Monday, September 10, 2012

Coming To Grips

I am finally at a point where I can let go of the back squat. I was obsessed with it for a long time but after a fair amount of research I have determined that it will not serve my needs as well as a front squat. The program is going to be changing now so I can start working in more rowing workouts. There is a great series on squats at . I think I have posted that before but it is well worth a second read.
It is very much worth your time to examine what you are doing in the gym and cut out the fluff. If you don't need to be doing an exercise than just don't do it.
Bruce Lee said. "In building a statue, a sculptor doesn't keep adding clay to his subject. Actually, he keeps chiseling away at the inessentials until the truth of his creation is revealed without obstructions...It is not daily increase but daily decrease; hack away the unessential."

Row 500 meters
Front squat 5 @ 65/5 @ 70/5 @ 75
DB press 3 x 5 @ 25 (DB's)
The above were done a circuit with a 1:30 RI

Pull ups 6/4/3
Slant sit ups 3 x 10
Push ups 3 x 5
The above were done a a circuit with a 1:30 RI

Row 5 x 1:00 on/2:00 off
avg pace 1:46.1/avg SR 27
1) 284/1:46.1/32
2) 281/1:46.7/28
3) 282/1:46.3/27
4) 281/1:46.7/26
5 )286 /1:44.8/26                                      

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