Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cloudy and Warm

Kind of like living in the tropics only not as intense. The gym was humid and reeked of humans today. That inspired by the lingering of yesterday's foul mood. Here is another gem from Wendler. I do like that man.

Row 500 meters

Dead lift  5 @ 125/5 @ 165/5 @ 265
Bulgarian split squat 3 x 5
The above 2 done as a circuit

Pull ups 6/4/3
Ab wheel 3 x 10
Push ups 3 x 7
The above 3 done as a circuit

Row 2 x 2,000 meters with a 2:00 Rest
1) 8:24  avg pace 2:06  SR 25
2) 8:50.2 avg pace 2:12.2 SR 25

I like this new schedule. It gets the work done and it is faster. I may tweak it a little in the coming weeks but for now it is okay.

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