Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Think?

It occurred to me today that there are a lot of really smart people out there who spend all their time thinking about strength training, flexibility, mobility, injury prevention, conditioning, sport training and all the other aspects of fitness. With this in mind I am free to pick and choose from lots of different protocols all of them proven and assemble them in a way that lets me get the results I need.
I decided to let the folks at Concept 2, who make rowers, do the programming for me. They have a workout of the day that you sign up for and you are sent a short, medium and long rowing workout via e-mail  each day.

Row 500 meters
Push ups 3 x 14
Good morning 3 x 5 @ 50
Row workout (pacing) 5 x 1,000 with a :30RI at 26/24/22/24/26
This was hard and I only made one at the right pace and came close on the others.
1) 4:15.7/2:07.8 pace/25 SR
2) 4:15.2/2:07.6 pace/24 SR
3) 4:35.2/2:17.6 pace/21 SR
4) 4:21.2/2:10.6 pace/23 SR
5) 4:23.8/2:11.9 pace/24 SR 

It will be fun to have different workouts each day and fit them into my schedule. Now I won't get bored.

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