Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Force Production

Here   is a link to a good article on the importance of strength in your training. If your sport requires X amount of force to be expended that could be expressed as a percentage of the total amount of force you can produce. If, according to the article, you get stronger and your force production remains the same than you are using a smaller percentage of the force you are capable of producing. This will allow you to go faster  as your capacity has risen.
Good stuff.

Row 500 meters
DB press 3 x 10 @ 30
Pull Ups 3/3/3
Ab wheel 1 x 12 and face plant

Row Sprints  10 x 200/2 Minute RI
Avg pace 1:37
Avg SR 33
Meters 2,000.
This is a 10 second improvement over last week on the average pace. So I was either seriously sandbagging last week or I improved a lot in a week.
Thinking highly of myself as I do I think I just improved a lot.

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