Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not a Stellar Moment

I stared at the pull up bar. Wishing it to come closer. It didn't budge despite my best efforts. Finally, realizing the futility of what I was doing, I turned and walked away. I also spent a good deal of time staring at benches, walls and floors none of whom seemed inclined to do my bidding. I shall keep you informed as my mastery of inanimate objects improves.

Bike to gym

Split Squat 3 x5
Good morning 3 x 5 @ 45

Row 3 x 2,000 meters/2:00 RI
1) 8:34.8/2:08.7 pace/25 SR
2) 8:31.8/2:07.9 pace/24 SR
3) 8:24.9/2:06.2/24 SR
Total meters 6,000

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