Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yesterday and Today

That's a clever title isn't it. Yesterday's workout went okay and today's workout fried me. On the long row days the stress of rowing at a decent pace for 3500 meters is enough so I decided to scale back the extra stuff.
Row 500 meters
Pull ups - 8/6/5/4/4
Weighted sit ups - 5 x 7 with 10 lbs. (on the bench made it a little harder)
Wall squats - 5 x 6 (these are getting better and I am getting a little lower)
DB press - 3 x 5 with 35's

Row 500 meters
Row - 3500 meters, time 13:41 avg. pace 1:57.3 avg. stroke rate 23
I only did one set of 8 pull ups and 1 set of wall squats.
Didn't get the revers hypers in because the tall box was gone so I spent 35 minutes stretching instead.
See you on Tuesday.

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