Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Before There Was Science

Before there was science; bi-pedal, carbon based life forms were born, they lived and then they died. Now after years of scientific investigation bi-pedal, carbon based life forms are born, they live and they die. No real difference other than the length of time between being born and dying.
Don't get me wrong I have the utmost respect for science but I do believe that it has gone overboard. We have always known what to eat, when and how much to sleep, when to drink etc. etc. Now it appears as though no one will do anything unless science says its okay. I am just not willing to give science that much credit.
Science has become a battleground with opposing groups rushing to discover science  that disproves other science. When you combine that with science being pressed into the service of selling products you get a nasty mixture.
Vegetarians have science to prove that they are right. Meat eaters have science to prove they are right and the acolytes of either side cite their science ad infinitum ad nauseum to prove they are right.
So; eat what fuels your activity, sleep when you're tired and drink when you're thirsty and you'll be fine.
This was inspired by this article.

I went in the afternoon today and that was interesting.
Elliptical 5 minutes
Row 2400 meters  9:41.3/avg pace 2:01.1/SR 23
Pull ups 5/4/1
Good morning 3 x 10 @ 55

Elliptical 5 minutes
Squat 5 @ 90/5 @ 110/5 @ 130
Bench 1 x 20 @ 105
Pull ups 5/4/1
Slant situps 3 x 10
Farmer walk 3 x 40yds with 70 lb DBs
The above 3 were done as a circuit with a 3 minute RI

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