Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Won't Get Fooled Again...

...or will we? I found an article this morning on hydration and how the sports drink industry manufactured science to convince us of the need for their products and a related article titled Mythbusting Sports and Exercise Products. Just like the feeling I got when I figured out that the CF thing was a joke on me these articles shattered my closely held beliefs about hydration. I have been preaching this stuff for years and now I find out that it was all a sham and I am shamed. Anyone who has not read these pieces will continue to toe the line on this subject and they will be disseminating bad information. Kind of pisses me off.

Row 2,000 meters 9:58.8/avg pace 2:29.7/avg SR 22
took this real easy today as I am feeling a little sick
Pull ups 4/3/3
Back ext 3 x 10

Stretch and out.

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