Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out of Touch

Been gone for a week. After getting sick last Tuesday I decided to take a week off from gym stuff. I have been going pretty hard for about 8 months and it was time for a break. More sacred cows have been slaughtered this week. I linked to the hydration article last week and here is a link to an article on fish oil and here is another article about fish oil. Seems as though industry does not have our best interests at heart. Why does that not surprise me?

(Same as last Monday but I only got 6 on the dead lift instead of 8)

Row 500 meters w/u
Row 2,000 meters  time 8:17.9/avg pace 2:04.4/avg SR 24
did a new little circuit today
Pull ups 4/3/3
Good mornings 3 x 10 @ 45/55/65
3 x 5 box jumps to 24"
I liked it and it felt good. Took 1:30 RI

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