Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Worm Turns (but only if you shake the bottle)

That title has nothing to do with the post but it just popped into my head so I wrote it down. I would like to thank everyone who is reading this and encourage comments if you have any questions or problems, actually keep your problems to yourself but I will answer questions.
Row 500 meters
Squat - 5 @ 45/5 @ 65/3 @ 80/2 @ 95/ 3 x 5 @ 135
Press - 5 @ 45/5 @ 50/3 @ 60/2 @ 70/ 3 x 5 @ 95
Choked on the power cleans and just stopped
And that was it for Friday. I was tired and irritable and didn't feel like being at the gym.

Row 500 meters
Reverse Hyper - 3 x 5
Pull Ups - 3 x 5
Long Row - 3000 meters 14:01.8
Not a great time on the row but I am still worn out for some reason, but I was not irritable today so I am making progress.
I have begun work on the O.P.W.A. (Old People With Attitude) Website and should have it up and running in a couple of months. I will keep you posted but don't, under any circumstances, hold your breath.

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