Friday, December 16, 2011

Plans versus Goals

A guy I know in Sunnyvale California says, "If you don't have a plan you're an idiot." I agree with him entirely. Then there are goals. Goals, to me, are finite they have a stopping point which, in my opinion, limits you. I am process oriented, which may account for why I don't finish things, I enjoy the process of getting somewhere without the added baggage of having a destination. Without a destination you can never get lost. This may appear to be a rambling approach but I have had success with it. I get places and although it may not be the place I thought I would end up it is always interesting and fun and interesting and fun is what this journey is all about.
Row 500 meters
Row 5 x 500 with 1 minute rest 1:48.5/1:46.7/1:56.6/1:57.3/1:51
I was trying for an average pace of 1:45 to 1:50. Didn't quite make it
Weighted pull ups 3 x 3 with 25lbs
Farmers Walk 3 trips with 50 lb dumbbells (not sure how far the trips were)
Reverse Hyper - 5/8/10 tried working on breathing under tension and it came out okay now maybe we can get these up to 3 x 10

Try adding in Farmers walks to your program as a finisher and watch your grip strength go off the map.
See you tomorrow.

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