Monday, December 12, 2011

Drop Off.

Evidently, due to social unrest, my Russian readership has dropped off. Hope you guys get everything worked out. It is raining here today but I rode my bike anyway. About 3 miles. That was good for a warmup.
Bike 3+ miles
Pull ups - 3 x max 6/5/5
Step ups - 3 x 8 @ 95 to 20" box
Row Sprints - 8 x 200 with 1:30 RI/ avg pace - 1:38.8/ avg SR - 33
Straight leg raises - 3 x 5 with 5 lbs

I have to switch the weight days this week because of work on Wednesday. I am not fond of work. Gets in the way of more important things.
A good post on crossfit and older folks on the One World site.
Its cold and I am going back to bed.

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