Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Have You Been? We Missed You.

I am back. Took Wednesday and Thursday off because I wanted to. So I have the new program all laid out. It is a 3 day on/1 day off rotation. I have been reading a lot about over training and recovery and it seems that more often than not the problem is not over training but under training. I have reduce the amount of work I am going to do each day and will row on the 2nd and 6th day. I will probably follow along with the row team training from Front Range Crossfit.


Elliptical 5 minutes
Dynamic Range Of Motion Warm Up
Squat 5 @ 45/4 @ 75/3 @ 95/2 @ 115/1 @ 135
These all went up pretty easy.
Swings 5 x 10 @ 35
Pull Ups 5 x 1-2-1 (regular, neutral, close, wide, regular)
I had to do the wide grip ones by jumping up, holding and lowering down slowly because they are really hard.
Plank 5 x :15/:20/:25/:30/:35 

As an added bonus I traded two 10 pound bumper plates for a 35 pound kettle bell yesterday and I do love it.

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