Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is It Saturday Already?

Time flies when you are lazy and shiftless. Yesterday my workout was marginal. 5 minutes on the elliptical, a dynamic range of motion warm up an some power cleans.

100 :20.2/AP 1:41.1
200 :39.7/AP 1:39.3
300 1:02.2/AP 1:43.7
400 1:26.8/AP 1:48.8
300 1:02.9/AP 1:44.8
200 :40.3/AP 1:40.8
100 :19.1/AP 1:35.6

2:00 RI between sets.
The goal was to work on pacing. keeping the 100's between 1:30-35, the 200's between 1:35-40, the 300's between 1:40-45 and the 400 between 1:45-50.
Getting the 100's down is the hardest because there is so little time. I have to learn to come out of the gate a little more forcefully.

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