Monday, November 12, 2012

Nowhere To Be Found

I looked and looked but could not find a video of the landmine exercise I did this morning. I had originally scheduled  deadlifts, KB Swings, pull ups and back extensions but what, do you think, is wrong with that picture?
Looks pretty hip intensive to me. So I substituted rotational work with the landmine for the back extensions and that felt better.

Elliptical 5 minutes
Dead lift 5 @ 135/4 @ 145/3 @ 200/2 @ 230/1 @ 260
KB swings 3 x 15
Pull ups 3/2/1/1
Landmine  twist 3 x 10
Row 5 x 200 with 1:00 RI Total 1000 meters/AP 1:39/ASR 30

The fricken rower felt like it was going to fall apart and I believe it is because all the assholes who won't spend $10.00 on an ab wheel and instead put a bench by the rower and use the seat for their roll outs.
If you do this STOP right now. Go buy a wheel. I don't want to see you doing this.

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