Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sales vs. Results

I went in the back trainer's area at the gym the other day (I had permission) to get the PVC pipe for some stretching. There was a white board back there that had all the trainer's names on it and how much they had sold that week. There was nothing on the board about who had the most improved client or whose client had lost the most weight or whose client had gotten stronger it was all about money and sales. I thought this was sad and pathetic. The trainer's performance is not based on doing good for their clients but on who sells the most. it reinforces, for me, why the big gym chains have such a piss poor reputation among trainers and coaches who value their clients over sales.

DROM + TGU x 2 each side @ 20 lbs = 2 x 5 Windmills each side @ 5 lbs
My left side is far worse than my right flexibility wise and I will be focusing more on that until things even up.
Dead lift 5 @ 45/4 @ 130/3 @ 215/2 @ 245/1 @ 275
The 275 went up real easy
Row 100/200/300/400/300/200/100
2 minute RI

DROM + TGU x 2 each side @ 20 lbs = 2 x 5 Windmills each side @ 5 lbs
Row 3K 14:15.2  AP 2:22.5  SR2 24
Bench 5 @ 45/4 @ 95/3 @ 120/2 @ 135/1 @ 150
Push up 3 x 10
KB swings 3 x 15
Pull ups 3 x 3
as a circuit with 1:30 RI

Been working on the tension techniques described by Pavel in his book Power to the People and I am liking the results. Here is part one of a 2 part article from T-Nation on the book and the theories.

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